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Welcome to Lap of Luxury.

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The Lynx lap robe. Sumptuous deep-pile lynx faux fur, which we imported from France, is backed with a solid deep brown velvet.

Lynx lap robe

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The mark of quality in fine lap robes.

Customer Accolades

"...I'd like to get under your exquisite lap robe and sleep for a week." December 1997

"Curling up with the lap robe is the only way I can relax." October 1998

"It's beautiful....The 'Lynx' is drop-dead gorgeous!" December 1999

"This Christmas I need five more." November 2000

"As I have walked thru life, I have learned many valuable lessons. The Best, I will share with you. It's one thing in life to "collect" things. It's another to purchase an item that you can not only put to good use, but have it tell a story. As I wrap my new "blankie" around me, I will not only have the comfort of the "Best" --- I will remember the nice gentleman and the great conversations we had. I also appreciate being remembered right from my first purchase. It's been a pleasure doing business with you." October 2000

"I received my beautiful 'Chinchilla' lap robe yesterday.
I absolutlely love it. It's even better than the picture."
February 2001

"I love it! I love it! I love it!" October 2001

"They're just beautiful!" April 2002

"Do you know what we call our blanket?
The Happy Blanket -- because every time
you have it, you're happy!"
November 2002

"This lap robe will give her comfort."
November 2003
"I received the throw and it's absolutely beautiful! I can't believe I got it so quickly, and I can't believe how gorgeous it is. I hope my daughter-in-law loves it, because I do. I want to thank you guys very much. It's been a pleasure doing business."  December 2003
"I wish you could have seen her reaction to the 'Scotties.' She was absolutely thrilled and she loves it. Thanks again, guys."
October 2004
"Thanks so much for a beautiful lap robe -- I love it and it looks great on my white couch with my needlepoint pillows. It is really stunning."
March 2005

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